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Crossing Borders.

Our research, which is both practical and interdisciplinary in nature, often takes the form of joint projects with partners from the business and the public sectors.


These research projects are often funded by means provided by the Swiss National Science Foundation or other public funding agencies. We also host scientific conferences about aspects of business-related activities in the public sector.

Current Projects

Energy Policy Analysis Group

The Energy Policy Analysis Group was set up by the Center for Public Commercial Law as an interdisciplinary research team affiliated with the Swiss Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition (CREST). It deals with economic and legal aspects of energy provision at a domestic and an international level. In this context, it addresses questions such as how political and regulatory instruments have to be designed to enable regenerative energies to be utilized more widely, how energy efficiency can be increased, and how greenhouse emissions can be reduced.



Focus areas include:

The knowledge transfer from academic theory to practical application takes place through joint research projects, conferences, and workshops.

Completed Projects