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Crossing Borders.

Our research, which is both practical and interdisciplinary in nature, often takes the form of joint projects with partners from the business and the public sectors.



These research projects are often funded by means provided by the Swiss National Science Foundation or other public funding agencies. We also host scientific conferences about aspects of business-related activities in the public sector.

Current Projects

  • A Fair State Economy
    A project to research a fair state economy has been approved by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It uses the Swiss electricity market as an example to analyze two competitive conditions and regulatory instruments, “de lege lata” and “de lege ferenda”. Project Description (in German)
  • Research on the Energy Transition
    An action plan by the Swiss government entitled “Coordinated Energy Research Switzerland” has been launched to promote the Energy Transition. Seven Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research (SCCERs) have been approved, each of which takes the lead in one action area. An “Energy Policy Analysis” research team has been set up under the umbrella of the Center for Public Commercial Law. It investigates national and international requirements of the energy sector as well as various aspects of corporate governance of public energy providers. In addition, we conduct research for the Energy Transition as part of the ZHAW Energy Call.

Energy Policy Analysis Group

The Energy Policy Analysis Group was set up by the Center for Public Commercial Law as an interdisciplinary research team affiliated with the Swiss Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition (CREST). It deals with economic and legal aspects of energy provision at a domestic and an international level. In this context, it addresses questions such as how political and regulatory instruments have to be designed to enable regenerative energies to be utilized more widely, how energy efficiency can be increased, and how greenhouse emissions can be reduced.



Focus areas include:

  • The Swiss energy and climate policy mix
  • Designing climate and energy policies
  • Energy market design for the integration of regenerative energies
  • Regulatory approaches and instruments

The knowledge transfer from academic theory to practical application takes place through joint research projects, conferences, and workshops.

Completed Projects

  • Changes in Society's Understanding of the State
    A project to research changes in society's understanding of the state has been approved by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It employs legal analysis and empirical linguistics to analyze how our understanding of the concept of the state has changed over time in the fields of social law, public commercial law, and security law.
  • The Electronic Land Register Information System eGRIS
    A project to research changes in land registration has been approved by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It examines how the administrative duties of land registrars have been affected by the increase in digitization and how the legal order needs to be adapted accordingly.
  • Expert Opinion on Deep Geothermal Energy
    An expert opinion has been provided for the Centre for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS) as part of an interdisciplinary project entitled “Energy from the Earth's Interior: Deep Geothermal Energy as a Future Energy Carrier?”. The expert opinion answers key questions about the legal situation of deep geothermal energy in Switzerland and in Europe and highlights future legislative developments. In particular, it discusses the division of authority between the state, the cantons, and the communes, in the present and in the future. It also provides clear guidelines, which are mainly aimed at policy-makers.

  • Fairness Models in Social Insurance Procedures
    The project to research fairness models for efficient clarification procedures in social insurance procedures has been approved by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Project Description (in German)