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Professional Internet research and knowledge management are the tools of the trade for every knowledge worker. But how are these subjects learnt and taught? In co-operation with the ZHAW libraries and Tübingen University, one of the largest German-speaking collections on the subject has been created. 

“Googling” something has become a synonym for searching online. However, in the academic context, the first two pages of results produced by Google are usually unhelpful. Most students are unaware just what tools are at their disposal when searching for first-rate, scientific information. Consequently, students submit papers which have no sound academic foundation while libraries offer high-level (and expensive) research tools which are largely under-utilized.  

Against this backdrop, librarians at ZHAW and Tübingen University have come together with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning to create a self-study aid. It has two areas which have to work in conjunction with one another, namely "find" and "process". (see image)

The course is suitable not only for current students, but for any "knowledge worker". Emphasis has been placed on providing a sufficient number of freely available tools. Our tools and content can still be utilized within the professional context, even when access to the internal library databases is no longer available. The course can be easily integrated into teaching programs.