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Mobile Response

Mobile Response – A Simple Way of Conducting Surveys, Irrespective of Location

The Mobile Response App makes it possible to vote about proposals easily and without reference to location, or to gauge the opinion of a large group in a very short time and portray this directly in graphic form. 

Conventional response systems use special devices called "clickers" to gather data from survey respondents. However, a device unit has to be made available to every person taking part, as well as the setting up one or more transmitting/receiving stations - depending on the size of the event venue. Software for evaluating the data also has to be installed on a local computer. 

The Mobile Response solution developed by the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning simplifies this process greatly by utilizing modern technologies already available because participants and survey managers carry them around anyway. Instead of a "clicker", respondents can use a smart phone or laptop/Netbook to cast their vote. 

The Mobile-Web App needed to do this works on any smart phone, laptop, or Netbook with a Webkit browser. Such browsers are now standard for Android / iOS and can be installed on any operating system running Safari or Google Chrome. 

Another benefit of our solution is that a survey can be conducted irrespective of geographical location. It is therefore possible to gauge the opinions of participants immediately before or after an event, when they are traveling to the venue, or once they are back in the office.