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Eikon Data Online Access for Students

As the first university in Switzerland, we are launching the Pilot Program with Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters), based on the existing cooperation between Refinitiv and ZHAW IWA Center for Asset Management.


In a pilot project Refinitiv is granting our Bachelor and Master students in banking, finance or insurance online access to Eikon, one of the most powerful platforms for financial data worldwide.

It will enable the students from the following study programs to obtain financial and economic data for their module, bachelor or master thesis.

/ BSc Accounting, Controlling, Auditing

/ BSc Banking and Finance

/ BSc Risk and Insurance

/ MSc Accounting and Controlling

/ MSc Banking and Finance


The program starts on the 23rd of March 2020.


For each student the access is limited to three months.


If students decide to use this possibility, they will be required to complete the course Thomson Reuters Eikon Certification.


Please note that we can only accept a registration with a e-mail address.


Installation Guide and Materials

Eikon brochure (PDF 1,8 MB)

Eikon guide (PDF 3,7 MB)

Eikon training