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Screencast 2, 23.04.2020

Balance Sheet Oriented Economic Policy: In times of the COVID19-Global-Crisis

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, governments are planning and implementing large scale economic interventions, firstly to address the health care needs, but then also to counter the deep recession caused by the lockdown. In recent years, a Balance Sheet Approach (BSA) for economic policy interventions has been developed. Its benefits became very clear during the Global Financial Crisis. Also the measures developed in the COVID19 Crisis should consider a BSA design, in order to be feasible and sustainable.


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Screencast 1, 29.03.2020

The impact of the Covid19 crisis on public finances

COVID-19 already has a significant impact on the population and the economy. It is difficult to estimate what long-term effects the virus will have on the economy. How could the Federal Council intervene so quickly? How many reserves does Switzerland have and how, in contrast to other countries, has the crisis been responded to? We answer these and other questions in our latest screencast.

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