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International collaboration for the International Insurance Market in Switzerland

Here you find continuing education opportunities at ZHAW which are backed by an international collaboration of The Institutes with the Swiss Insurance and Risk Management Market for more than 20 years.

The collaboration started in 2000 with a cross-industry education initiative and was managed by the Insurance Institute of Switzerland for more than 20 years. From 2021, all activities have been transferred to the ZHAW, School of Management and Law, to the Institute for Risk & Insurance (IRI).

All offerings are now supported from within the IRI and can be used for a wide variety of training needs.
Do you work in corporate insurance, reinsurance or risk management?  Then the IRI offers you the opportunity to use state-of-the-art learning methods in a didactically diverse way. The fact that all offerings are in English allows you unique opportunities. You benefit from the development of your language skills on an international level in technical insurance aspects and holistic risk management. You thus gain across the whole spectrum: from consulting and questioning skills in front of clients and internal organizational concerns to optimizing your personal profile as an employee. Above all you demonstrate agility in learning, which is a key skill in any fields of the Insurance Industy.

Target Groups

Job Profiles in the national and international Insurance and Reinsurance Business Programs (in Short names)
Insurance- and Reinsurance employees CPCU, ARM, ARE, AIDA
Underwriting (all Lines of Business) CPCU, ARM
Underwriting Services (all Lines of Business) CPCU, ARM, AIDA
Risk Engineering ARM, AIDA, CPCU
Relation Ship Management, Distribution and Customermanagement ARM, AIDA, ARE, CPCU
Captive Services ARM, ARE
Claims Management CPCU, ARM
Cat Analysts ARM, AIDA
Data Scientists ARM, AIDA
(Group) Risk Management und Risk Services ARM, AIDA
Reinsurance (Active and Passive Business) ARE, CPCU
IT-Service Center CPCU 520, ARM

Exam Information

The Institute for Risk & Insurance of ZHAW, School of Management and Law, ist the official Exam Center for all kind of Exams of The Institutes und PLUS (Professional Liability Underwriting Society).

Please register for any exam with Ursula Freuler

Exam Preparations

All material of "The Institutes" includes an mature examination training software that enables an independet exam preparations. Apart of this students may download in the App-Store of their choice the "SmartQuizMe" Application to use a mobile phone examination preparation (costs per program is CHF 10). All students that have booked "Application Seminars" with ZHAW will be delivered with more Examination preparation material and support.

Exam format:
50 Multiple-Choice Questions to be answered in 65 minutes.

Special Information for students of our "Apprlication Seminars": In the course descriprions we recommend exam windows. We will be discussing the exam date within the class and can for sure find an convenient date for the group or, if needed individually.

For Selfstudy Students: To make sure that you can deliver your exam at the date and time convenient to you we recommend strongly to register 6 weeks in advance of the target date with Ursula Freuler.

'Examwindows' and further details of the exams with The Institutes:
Please get familiar with the exam conditions of The Institutes: Detailed Examinformation The Institutes (PDF 186,7 KB)

The Examwindows are set in the same way every year:

  • 15. January - 14. March
  • 15. April - 14. June
  • 15. July - 14. September
  • 15. October - 14. December

Enquiries and contact

Head of Program and Contact:

Ursula Freuler
ZHAW School of Management and Law
Institute for Risk & Insurance
Technoparkstrasse 2
8400 Winterthur

Tel: +41 58 934 77 98
Please register by E-Mail:


Institut für Risk & Insurance


Lecturer are selected as SME. The mix of Lecturers of the University of Applied Science and Subject Matter Experts is assuring the academic and market relevance that offers a broad and applicable input in our classes. This joint effort enables the knowledge transfer to theory and practice in any topic that we underline with "Application Semiars".