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Asia Entrepreneurship Training Program 2019

Swiss-Indonesian start-up accelerator with international exchange

The Asia Entrepreneurship Training Program is a start-up program over several months with 5 intensive full-day training sessions. It enables Swiss entrepreneurs to network with the business ecosystem in Indonesia/ASEAN countries and, vice-versa, Indonesian start-ups to gain access to the Swiss start-up ecosystem.

Indonesia in particular, with its young and vibrant population, is undergoing rapid change as the country develops into a digital society. This opens up new, attractive market opportunities for start-ups in the fields of science, technology and services in the commercial and public sectors.

Enter overseas markets with your Swiss start-up and meet matchmaking investors in Jakarta!

The AETP kick-starts Swiss entrepreneurs and incorporated start-ups aiming for an early internationalisation of their venture in South-East Asia. The program is targeted at core founders with an international mindset.

ETH Zurich, in collaboration with the ZHAW School of Management and Law, offers an international assistance program to Swiss start-ups intending to launch a venture in Indonesia (ASEAN). The AETP program includes a free partner search, targeted training, individual team coaching and access to matching investors and incubators in Indonesia.

Course Schedule 2019

  Morning Afternoon Evening
March 15th
Open Ceremony with Lunch (Zurich, Switzerland)   Open Ceremony with Dinner
(Jakarta, Indonesia)
Day 1
April 2nd
Introduction & Fundraising for your international venture
(team pitches I)
Internationalization strategies & cultural considerations
(team pitches II)
Day 2
May 7th
Analysis of your target Swiss/Asian market Value proposition for your new market  
Day 3
June 28th
Building your international business model Develop your team & overseas partnership  
Day 4
August 30th
Market entry & roadmap Raising finance & pitching for international growth  
Day 5
September 13th
Pitching Building your network  
Grand final
October 28th-
November 15th
Start-up exchange, Selected CH start-ups travel to Asia & vice versa    

Program running concurrently in Indonesia and Switzerland with local trainers/coaches. In between training days the teams will work independently, supported by a coach.

AETP Registration Form

Register your founding team for the six-month intensive accelerator program in Zurich and Jakarta.

Online registrations close 10 March 2019: Registration form

Please contact us for more information

AETP Program Manager

Max Weber
m: +41 797 205 405

Program Manager
Asia Entrepreneurship Training Program

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
School of Management & Law
International Business

Competence Center for Asia Business

Patricia Enzmann
Head Center Asia Business a.i.

Zurich University of Applies Sciences
School of Management & Law
International Management Institute

Theaterstrasse 17
8401 Winterthur

Leading House Asia