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Study Trips and practical Projects in Europe's power centre

Will we be driving around with autonomous electric vehicles in the future? Will a sensor in the joint indicate the correct position at the table in the future? Will a trade war between the US and China plunge the world economy into crisis? Such questions move today's economic environment.

No matter which industry, the changes resulting from progressive digitalization, unchecked networking, but also social and political dynamics are rapid. Not only to recognize such trends, but to be able to assess their relevance for companies is a decisive competence for managers and companies as a whole.In the intensive module "Internationalization & Innovation", students of the Master International Business learned to identify such trends and solve companies' innovation problems using examples from the corporate practice of Kistler and Zimmer Biomet.

As a first step, the students were able to get an idea of the industry and its challenges in the local companies. Afterwards, the important trends of the industry on the European market had to be worked out and scenarios for future development had to be drawn up. The students not only had access to scientific literature, but also had the chance to conduct interviews with industry experts from the European Commission, leading associations and research institutes in a fact-finding mission to Brussels. Back in Winterthur, they began to develop first-hand solutions to companies' innovation problems based on these assessments. 

Thanks to the support of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, new products and business models were created, which amazed the company representatives in the concluding presentations. The students' quick comprehension and their "Outside of the Box" thinking were particularly convincing.

And who knows, maybe we will soon see the Kistler whisper wheel or the smart trousers from Zimmer Biomet on the market.