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Interpersonal Leadership: An Applied Guide

This book offers two major benefits. On the one hand, it provides a systematic and very thorough overview of over a century worth of leadership research. On the other, it provides a systematic introduction to key leader responsibilities and effective leader behaviors that, combined with a strong focus on the influence of intercultural differences and a multitude of practical tips and helpful tools, are of great value for beginning and experienced leaders alike in today's increasingly globalized economy.

The book starts out with an introduction to the practice and field of leadership, including a discussion of its definition, nature, and impact. Following this, the evolution of leadership research and theory is traced in order to provide background on why we are where we are today.

A next chapter deals with the traits and behaviors of effective leaders, followed by one about the primary leader responsibilities and competencies. A chapter each is also dedicated to leading across borders and cultures and to fundamental leadership principles and classic leadership mistakes. Finally, the important topic of leadership development is examined.

What makes this book unique is the combination of academic rigor and ease-of-use, together with a number of new and innovative concepts about leadership and many helpful examples, tips, and tools as well as a range of illustrative exercises.

Author: Prof. Dr. Daniel Seelhofer, Head of International Management Institute

You can buy the book here.

Industrial After Sales Services in China

The book describes the significance of After Sales Services in the Chinese market. It explains how Swiss mechanical engineering companies offer their services in China. The service business models of the companies are portrayed and critically evaluated in short case studies. The result is recommendations that help companies to design their after sales services in China.

Author: Prof. Dr. Markus Prandini, Head of Center for Asia Business

The book is only available in German here.