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Post-Brexit Study for the Scottish Parliament

How to be organized after Brexit?

In the UK, the European Union Withdrawal Bill has led to a debate on how the different levels of government should be organized after Brexit. Should all powers go to Westminster, or should the governments of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have veto rights? How can an inclusive model be built?

At ZHAW, a team led by Dr. Florian Keller, Head Center for European Business & Affairs, has investigated how competences and responsibilities in Switzerland are allocated, managed, and financed across the three levels of government, i.e. national, cantonal, and communal. This study is the result of several comparative research studies on «common frameworks» that the Finance and Constitution Committee of the Scottish Parliament has commissioned from experts in Canada, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland.

The study has now been made public by the Scottish Parliament on their webpage. Furthermore, Dr. Florian Keller has been invited to Edinburgh to present the Swiss approach to the allocation of competences and responsibilities to members of the different parliaments.