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One-Stop-Shop for Swiss SMEs

Today, Swiss SMEs have the common understanding that it is time to go back to the drawing board and recreate their business models from the ground up. Switzerland Global Enterprise recently surveyed 155 Swiss SME exporters. The finding from the survey were that 85% of the respondents feel an increase of competitor generated pressure more so today then five to ten years ago. Moreover, the survey also shows that 85% of the survey applicants think that a well thought out business model is the prerequisite for international growth and 70% of the 155 Swiss SME’s surveyed said they are currently in the process of changing their business model.

Swiss Cleantech SMEs
The majority of Switzerland’s cleantech companies are considered SME’s and the industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Maybe due to the support from the federal government, strong Swiss cleantech R & D, innovative startups ideas from Swiss research institutions or the highest cleantech patent per capita in the world, Switzerland is clearly one of the leading, cleantech hubs in the world. The Swiss cleantech industry has seen a 25% increase of jobs within the last five years alone. Accounting for 5.5% of the total Swiss workforce and is directly responsible for the generating a market worth of about 23 billion euros, totalling to 4.2 % of the Swiss GDP, according to Swiss Cleantech Report 2017.

However, the international potential is much larger. As an example, a recent study by our Center indicates that Mexico by 2030 will invest some B-USD 60-70 in renewable energy alone to meet the country’s energy requirements. In addition, significant investments are needed in efficiency measures, transmission and generation.

Unlocking barriers
Being a Swiss (Cleantech) SME in today’s market, how great would it be to have a personalized partner with the most up-to-date and trending business knowledge?

The Center for Business in the Americas business helps companies understand what it takes to succeed in the North and Latin America markets, bringing in our vast experience in creating value with in-depth research, consulting and R & D to unlock business barriers and to succeed.