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Luxury Fashion Tech Day in Moscow

Successful Digital Transformation of Heritage Luxury Firms

One of our focus topics for luxury management is digitalization and its implications on how people define and consume luxury goods and services.

Earlier this year, Dr. Fabio Duma, Head of the ZHAW Competence Team for Luxury Management, had the pleasure of working with author and digital transformation specialist Florence Labati and the Swiss heritage luxury brand Zimmerli of Switzerland on a case study about the digital transformation of the manufacturer of «the world’s finest underwear».

Renowned from Dubai to Hollywood, this family-run company has been going since 1871. As a very early adopter of digital technology, it has been successful in its efforts to use digitalization to stimulate international growth and adapt to evolving customer needs. The case study will be published in German as part of a handbook on digital transformation for SMEs (for more information, please contact Dr. Fabio Duma).

In October, as a result of this collaboration, Fabio Duma was invited to present his insights at Fashion Tech Day in Moscow as one of a number of renowned international experts, where he talked about the successful digital transformation of heritage luxury firms. At his encouragement, he was joined by ZHAW SML alumnus and entrepreneur Mark Schwarz, founder and CEO of VAULT, producer of bespoke mechanical timepieces. Together, they presented Mark’s innovative and, for a luxury brand, rather unconventional use of social media to a fascinated audience of some 500 people.