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Know-How for Managers

The New CAS in International Business Development

The rapid changes affecting the markets today are forcing companies to identify market opportunities and enter new markets. This is often easier said than done.

Increasing complexity and information security risks make the management of market opportunities an ongoing challenge. The good news is that companies can seize an opportunity at any time. They can choose to realign their business models and thus improve their market position. The new CAS in International Business Development is designed to provide managers and specialists with the specific expertise required to achieve their goals.

To get to know a market, you need to be on the spot, which is why this continuing education program also takes participants out of the classroom: Four of its six course units take place outside Switzerland - in the UK, for instance, owing to cooperation agreements with leading partner universities such as UCL London. In addition to delivering market expertise, the program focuses on particular leading industries. In Poland, for example, participants receive insights into the digital industry. They meet renowned industry experts and thus also gain a glimpse of future trends such as "nearshoring."

Solid market knowledge and industry knowhow are no guarantee of success, however. To build a sustainable competitive advantage, it is important to draw the right conclusions from insights gained and use them to develop new business models and systematically expand existing ones. As a key deliverable of the CAS in International Business Development, therefore, participants create new international business models, supported by experts, and evaluate and enhance them continually.

More information about the CAS in International Business Development program starting on 20 September 2019 can be obtained here: CAS International Business Development