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Continuing Education in Sustainability Offers New Career Prospects

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Through their activities, companies are changing their economic, social, and ecological environment. The green labor market offers good prospects not only for engineers and economists, but also for people from other backgrounds.

The integration of sustainability and social responsibility into the strategy, structures, and culture of a company can be a decisive competitive factor and contribute to that company's success and value. For example, products with additional social and ecological benefits appeal to a growing number of customer segments. As a result, companies open up new markets and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Sustainability also plays a key role in reputation and brand identification. Companies that neglect risks such as how human rights are addressed by their suppliers, may end up having to pay a high price in rebuilding their reputation and brand value. In addition, employees reward a cooperative working atmosphere, healthy and family-friendly working conditions, and meaningful work with greater motivation and more commitment. Ultimately, genuine social commitment also creates trust among consumers, business partners, the local community, and the general public.

Degree programs and continuing education opportunities related to sustainability and corporate responsibility are diverse. Businesses increasingly need professionals who are able to integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their strategy, structures, and culture. The part-time certificate program CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Corporate Responsibility offered at the ZHAW School of Management and Law provides the necessary skills. Participants learn to develop sustainability strategies for companies and to introduce and implement appropriate management approaches. In addition, they learn to integrate corporate responsibility into various corporate functions such as accounting and controlling, communication, human resource management, procurement, and marketing and to review and evaluate companies in terms of sustainability. The CAS program is suitable not only for people who already deal with sustainability topics and projects in companies and organizations but also for anyone who is considering a career move involving corporate responsibility. The program benefits greatly from the diversity of its participants and the different perspectives they contribute. After completing a CAS in Corporate Responsibility, graduates will be able to support both private and public employers in orienting the organization towards the future and to act as a competent corporate responsibility specialist.