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Continuing & Corporate Education

Corporate Education

Increasingly, organizations request customized training programs that are tailored to their needs and goals and deliver specific leadership skills and expertise in one package. 

Corporate Education is a customized internal training solution. It consist,  for instance, of a comprehensive certificate course, in-depth workshops, e-learning tools, and individual coaching sessions. 

We prepare companies, organizations and leaders to face and master international and intercultural challenges. This will support the effective implementation of projects, promote knowledge management within your organization, encourage new talent, and strengthen your corporate culture.

Contact us for more information on the customized corporate education programs. Follow us on Linkedin for program updates and other useful information.

Christian Olivier Graf

“The benefit: The participants receive a recognized university degree and the company can contribute to the development and the program.”


Christian Olivier Graf, Head Continuing and Corporate Education, Department of International Business

Executive Trainings

Our executive trainings and workshops at the International Management Institute prepare you to face and master international and intercultural challenges. We tune your specific individual competences and deliver business tools using state of the art knowledge, experiential and peer-to-peer learning.

Our executive trainings program includes different formats for basic knowledge as well as on advanced and professional level. At the heart of our executive roundtables  is the peer-to-peer learning and exchange among professionals on new and most challenging topics as well as on new research and project results. The half-day and day seminars we apply the newest teaching methods in executive education: intensive exercises, cases, workshops on specific business problems and intercultural and communication simulations.

Follow us on LinkedIn for program updates and other useful information.