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India Desk

“Doing business between Switzerland and India offers many opportunities for growth and success. Let us be your trusted partner and help you meet your goals.”

Waseem Hussain, Head of India Desk

Both India and Switzerland have intricate regulatory systems, challenging market requirements, and highly diverse frameworks of social and cultural norms, calling for a careful, well-informed approach.

Thanks to our expertise, many years of experience in fostering Swiss-Indian business interests, a wealth of cross-cultural competence, and an extensive network in both countries, we know what to do and how to do it.

Doing Business in India

Doing business in India means dealing with complexity. Do your homework and do it well, however, and the market will reward you.

India is among the world’s ten largest economies and expected to be ranked third in the world after China and the US by 2030. Domestic demand is its economy’s main driving force and international business relations are continuously improving, which puts India in the spotlight of investors and international executives.

Doing business in Switzerland

Any Indian company wishing to do business in Switzerland is confronted with the peculiarities of its political, entrepreneurial, and social setup. With proper planning and intercultural awareness, however, the market can be yours.

Switzerland continues to be among the world’s most competitive and innovative markets. Its stability, reliability, and solid economic growth attract businesses from all over the world.


Cross-Cultural Training

Doing business in a foreign market means dealing with an unfamiliar culture and mentality. In fact, cross-cultural problems are among the most frequent causes of business failure.

Through cross-cultural training, participants learn valuable lessons that they can start using immediately. So far, more than 14,000 participants from large as well as small to medium-sized enterprises have benefitted from the transfer of knowledge we provide in our interactive workshops and seminars.

Business Services

Companies venturing into the Indian or the Swiss market know what they want. However, to achieve their goals they need the knowledge and expertise that is specific not only to their particular market but also to their business.

While an abundance of market information is available, much of it is generic and rarely has a specific Swiss-Indian angle.

To help you make your Swiss-Indian venture a success, we offer:

Moreover, everything we do has the rigorous scientific basis guaranteed by a Swiss university of applied sciences.

Study Trips and Business Delegations

Sometimes, the best way is to go and have a look for yourself, talk to potential suppliers, vendors, and customers, and experience the local culture and mentality. This approach can be very effective to find out how to do business across the Swiss-Indian divide.

At Zurich University of Applied Sciences, we care about developing the skills you will need to succeed in your respective target market.

We organize separate study trips and delegation visits for:

The program for our study trips and delegation visits includes:

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