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Culture, Behavior & Creative Systems

“It is increasingly difficult for any international company to ignore Asia. Urbanizing and modernizing societies and a rising middle class provide lucrative opportunities, but the challenges are not to be underestimated. We help you understand these markets, identify opportunities, and develop appropriate strategies.”


Patricia Enzmann, Culture, Behavior & Creative Systems

Culture, Behavior & Creative Systems is part of the International Management Institute at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. It is the preferred provider in Switzerland for high-value applied business education, research, and consultancy for the benefit of small and medium-sized companies developing and expanding their business in Asia. It enables current and future business leaders to meet the challenges of doing business in the Asia-Pacific region and generate sustainable value for their companies.

The Asia-Pacific region is emerging as an important market for Swiss companies with international ambitions. Asia’s growing middle class is proving to be an attractive driver for Swiss quality products and services. Increasingly, investors are turning their attention not only to China but also  to Southeast Asia, in particular the ASEAN Free Trade Area with its over 650 million potential consumers. Culture, Behavior & Creative Systems closely follows relevant trends and developments in the region and continually analyzes the countries in question.

As part of our mandate, Culture, Behavior & Creative Systems provides the following services:

Continuing Education with a Practical Orientation

The growing significance of the Asian economies is reflected in an increasing interaction between Swiss and Asian businesses. To exploit the many opportunities offered by these markets, Swiss corporations need experienced managers and business professionals with the relevant qualifications. We cater to this demand by helping you acquire the expert knowledge and methodological skills that will enable you to be successful in entering and developing the markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

Customized Training and Development

We design and deliver industry- and region-specific training courses and workshops tailored to the individual needs of your organization. These are aimed at developing your managers and staff by preparing them for the challenges of your target markets in the Asia-Pacific region.


To enhance the competitiveness of companies both in Switzerland and in the Asia-Pacific region, we use different forms of research collaboration. The research focus is on global leadership, internationalization of companies, international customer behavior, cross-cultural negotiation, and international CSR. 


Companies entering Asian markets are faced with a whole range of complex challenges. Culture, Behavior & Creative Systems closely follows current economic and business developments with relevance to Swiss businesses in its focus markets. Together with you, we design a detailed market development strategy and give you the support you need to plan your market entry and expansion campaigns. Our consulting services include the following:

Our Partners

We maintain close ties to the relevant public and private organizations in Switzerland and abroad. This network is continually growing and evolving, enabling us to provide a valuable platform and broker useful partnerships to help you develop your Asian markets.