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Corporate Responsibility Competence Team

«We support you in asking the right questions about sustainability management, developing strategies and concepts, and helping you implement these efficiently.»


Herbert Winistörfer, Head of Competence Team Corporate Responsibility

Through their activities, companies affect their economic, social, and ecological environment. At the same time, social challenges such as climate change, poverty, pollution, or pandemics affect the success of companies. Future-oriented companies influence these conditions and integrate them into their corporate strategy. 

In this context, two main questions are crucial:

  • What type of contributions to society do important stakeholder groups such as customers, employees, investors, or public authorities expect from companies?

    For example: How important is it for customers that our Far Eastern suppliers' goods are produced without violating human rights?
  • What contributions to society enable a company - as well as society itself - to create shared value?

    For example: Can we as a corporation use specific vocational training measures to help us gain access to qualified professionals?

We address these and other questions by developing practical approaches and tools, supporting companies in developing and implementing them, and providing training for their employees.

Profile of Competencies

Continuing Education & Training

In the midterm, problems such as the task of establishing sustainability or social responsibility as a coordinating function within an organization can only be resolved if the necessary competencies are available. Individuals who have been assigned these tasks have to know the key social issues involved. Among many other skills, they also have to be able to manage stakeholders effectively, be able to develop key figure systems, and understand modern standards of sustainability reporting. 

To assist them, we offer the following continuing education programs:


Parameters are rapidly changing and with them the challenges for managers dealing with societal issues. How and with which tools can, for example, an SME implement a new international standard such as "ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility" efficiently and effectively? Such questions are answered in the course of application-oriented research projects we conduct with and on behalf of companies for periods of between 6 and 24 months.


In collaboration with you, we develop innovative solutions which you as pioneers can employ before they become commonplace, giving you a decisive competitive advantage. At the same time, you benefit from our exchanges with research institutions and other innovative companies. As a university of applied sciences, we also have access to funding from the state and from research foundations. 


Some tasks call for temporary support from specialists. One such example may be the need to examine a procurement chain for environmental, social, and governance risks and address these using a risk management approach. We are able to provide the right kind of support thanks to our specialist know-how.

Would you like to know whether the ecologic and socially oriented activities of your company are addressing the right issues and whether they really create value? Then use our ISO 26000 Corporate Responsibility Strategy Check, which follows the latest international standards.

Would you like to find out if your management approach is efficient with regard to sustainability issues? Then run our Corporate Responsibility Management Check.

Are you thinking about expanding your business reporting in order to include non-financial aspects or are you unsure which reporting standard is the right one for you? Then make use of our Corporate Responsibility Reporting Check.

Are you planning to expand your business activities abroad and want to know what sustainability issues need to be taken into account? Why not consult our Corporate Responsibility Internationalization Guide?

Cooperation Partners

The Corporate Responsibility Competence Team has developed successful solutions with the following companies and institutions:

  • ABB Schweiz
  • BSD Consulting
  • Basler Kantonalbank / Bank Coop AG
  • Center for Corporate Reporting (CRR)
  • Coop Genossenschaft
  • Ernst Schweizer AG
  • Fortisa AG
  • Heineken Schweiz AG
  • Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Standort Zug
  • Knecht + Müller AG
  • Kuhn Rikon AG
  • Kuoni Travel Holding
  • Microsoft Schweiz GmbH
  • Neosys AG
  • Novartis AG
  • Öbu – Netzwerk für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften
  • Pirelli & C. S.p.A.
  • Raiffeisenbank Mischabel-Matterhorn
  • RepRisk AG
  • SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA
  • Spital Zofingen
  • Sulzer Ltd.

Reference Projects

Stakeholder-Oriented Sustainability Reporting

Develop of solutions addressing the current key challenges of Swiss companies in the area of sustainability reporting, employing a case study approach. 

Measurement of Effects of Business Activities in Developing Regions

Development and application of indicators that enable the visualization and evaluation of the degree of integration of a company into a (local) community.

Reputation Risks Related to CR Issues in a Procurement Chain

Evaluation of media events and processing of data from company, country, and industry indices for use in procurement management.

Implementation of the New ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard by Companies in Switzerland

Development of methods and instruments for applying the ISO 26000 Standard, with main focus on SMEs.