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Competence Team Luxury Management

“The Business of Luxury is one of the fastest growing in the world, but also one that is rapidly changing. We support companies in identifying trends and using opportunities for future success. Individually, from the conception to the implementation.”

Fabio Duma, Head of Competence Team Luxury Management

The Business of Luxury is one of the fastest growing in the world. For centuries people have been longing for goods and services that go beyond mere necessity and function, however never has the market for the expensive and beautiful things in life seen an expansion as in the last decades.

The management and marketing of luxury has always been following its very own rules. However, specific challenges such as the growing digitalization, global trade, shifting economic power, ecological or social issues keep changing the playing field and customer purchase behavior thus creating new challenges for managers of luxury companies.

Applied research in luxury management and marketing is even more important as luxury is an significant economic factor in Europe and especially in Switzerland, with its wealth of knowledge when it comes to high-end services and the manufacture of exclusive products. 

Profile of Competencies

The competence team Luxury Management dedicates its experience and resources to finding relevant, applicable and innovative solutions to luxury-specific challenges. We share our knowledge by educating international students and course participants on all levels as well as by offering tailor-made research, consulting and corporate education programs to leading luxury companies and up-and-coming niche players as well.

Applied Research & Consulting

Based on a sound foundation of research knowledge and methodologies we offer luxury companies competent and hands-on support.

Your company will profit from customized consulting services and global access to specific expert knowledge through our worldwide network of research cooperations and partner schools. 

Continuing Education and Training

CAS Luxury Management
  • CAS Luxury Management
  • Customized training courses and workshops 


We share our knowledge of basic luxury management skills and latest research through tailor-made modules on undergraduate, graduate and continuing education level employing innovative teaching methods and didactics.

Conference Series

The «Future of Luxury» is a series of conferences, that deals with the most relevant and current aspects of contemporary luxury management in a condensed, research-based, but always practically oriented manner. The conferences are tailored to the needs of managers of small, medium-sized, but also larger luxury companies in the top segment of their industries in Switzerland and abroad.

Professionals and academics - all luxury experts with a proven track record in their field - will address various aspects of a given topic and share their related insights and experience with conference participants. In addition to enabling the transfer of knowledge, the conferences are a great opportunity to network with experts and luxury professionals across industries.