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Center for International Industrial Solutions

What we do

We conduct applied research, provide education and foster know-how transfer for the Machine and the Cleantech sectors.
We assess market and social shifts, as well as transformations in technology and resources management that affect the industry. We support companies in leveraging relevant technologies, in designing new business models and organizational structures to strengthen their international competitiveness. We train our students to address these challenges effectively.

Focus Industries
The two industries we are operating in:

Our Approach

Together with companies and stakeholders, we analyze their current business model and end-to-end value chain. Furthermore, we single out key customers’ requirements and external business factors. We provide support in defining and prioritizing objectives for each business model dimension.
By benchmarking against best practices from the industry and adjacent business fields, we propose relevant technologies and map out the required organizational structures.
Finally, we conduct applied research to provide guidance for the implementation of the new business model as far as the proof of concept.

Our core competencies are: