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Center for EMEA Business

“EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) is one of the three largest regions in the world, alongside Asia and America. The unbelievable political, economic and cultural diversity must be carefully analysed and used effectively.”

Dr. Florian Keller, Head of Center for EMEA Business

Business in Europe

Business in Europe

The centre follows the relevant economic and political developments throughout Europe and imparts well-founded knowledge in order to understand the interplay between politics and business.



Business in the Middle East

Business in the Middle East

The markets in Europe are stagnating. As a result, more and more Swiss companies are opening up new, more dynamic markets, with the Middle East and Africa offering promising opportunities.



Foreign Affairs and Applied Diplomacy

CAS Foreign Affairs and Applied Diplomacy

As more and more actors and private individuals interact on the international stage today, expertise in international relations and applied diplomacy is becoming increasingly important.



International Negotiation

International Negotiation

The success of negotiations in an international context depends on a number of factors, including adequate communication, tactical negotiation skills and correct interpretation of behaviour.