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Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

«The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship stands for the unique connection between strategic creativity, scientific thinking, and consistent practical orientation.»

Prof. Adrian W. Müller PhD Head of Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is characterized by the power of creative innovation and strategic entrepreneurship. We conduct research and provide consulting services and instruction in the following competence areas: strategic foresight, business innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a research and working partner in the creation, development, and realization of new business ideas and concepts, we collaborate with small and medium-sized companies, large corporations, and institutional partners. Our focus areas are energy, mobility, and digital/media.

In Focus

Current Focus Areas of Our Activities:

Energy Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab

Ever since the CIE was established, energy has been an important focus area. We have close ties to energy research and the energy industry, especially through SCCER-CREST, the Innosuisse energy research program. In addition, CIE has a proven track record of successful applied research and service projects in the energy sector, with a large number of utilities, energy service providers, public authorities, and Swiss cities. The CIE has four priorities that are energy-related: entrepreneurship & foresight, innovation & business modelling, energy customer behavior, and knowledge transfer in energy research.

Energy Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab

Innosuisse Start-up Training

The CIE, together with universities and technical colleges in the Zurich-Eastern Switzerland region and under the lead of the Technopark Foundation, has developed the STARTUP CAMPUS entrepreneurship program. This training program, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for the Promotion of Innovation (Innosuisse), is aimed at young entrepreneurs wishing to realize their own business ideas or strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

Innosuisse Start-up Training


Entrepreneurship@ZHAW integrates all founder activities at ZHAW and acts as a contact and counselling center for prospective start-ups and ZHAW students and staff who are interested in setting up their own business. 

Key offerings and initiatives include the RUNWAY Startup Incubator, the Innovation 2 Business Program, and the ZHAW Startup Challenge.




Digital Technologies and Innovation

Digital technologies are an important driver of innovation that enable us to develop and realize differentiating competitive advantages. Anyone who develops and uses digital technologies in a customer-oriented manner can successfully expand his or her competitive position. It is important for companies to quickly identify and evaluate technologies and develop customer-oriented solutions.

Based on our research, we provide an overview of digital technologies and their application and help you identify the impact of such trends on your company. At the same time, together with our customers and partners we design innovation management systems tailored to the respective framework conditions and use digital technologies as a means to successful innovation.

Workshops and seminars on digital innovation (PDF 98,2 KB)

Core Competencies

Continuing Education

Do you want to be prepared for the new challenges facing the energy sector? Are you looking for practically oriented, professional training in the areas of business modeling and development? Would you like to realize your own business idea or strengthen your entrepreneurial skills? Then our wide range of continuing education programs will definitely interest you.

Our continuing education programs


We research socially relevant issues in the context of energy, mobility, and digital/media. In this way, we build on the research and competence focal areas of strategic foresight, business innovation, and entrepreneurship, linking scientific professionalism and practical orientation. Collaborative ventures take many forms including studies, industry and market reports, concept development, and related scientific papers.

Our research


We provide consulting services to corporations concerning strategically relevant issues in the context of our three fields of competence: strategic foresight, business innovation, and entrepreneurship

A key focus of what we do is the application of the latest scientific findings and methodologies as well as the integration of various disciplines and experts. Consulting and collaboration take many forms, from student projects to methodological guidance or the moderation of innovation processes. Among other things, we assist in the development and application of strategic foresight, the identification of opportunities for growth, and the realization of business models and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Our Consulting Services