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Study Commissioned by aee suisse

Current proposals for the electricity market: To what extent are renewable energies being promoted?

On behalf of aee suisse - the umbrella organization for renewable energy and energy efficiency - we analyze to what extent current proposals for reshaping the Swiss electricity market can replace outgoing instruments for the promotion of renewable electricity production.   

The three proposals under consideration are a short-term basic water supply premium by Alpiq, a supply and climate model by Axpo, and a capacity market with availability auction by BKW Energy. We analyze what additional revenue per kWh will result from these proposals for the different renewable electricity production technologies. 

At the end of January 2018, the results of the study will be discussed with industry stakeholders at an "energy summit". The final report resulting from the study is expected to be available from the end of February 2018. 

Duration: August 2017 bis Februar 2018

Funding: aee


Schlussbericht zuhanden aee, erscheint demnächst.


Schleiniger, Reto (2018): Aktuelle Vorschläge zur Gestaltung des Strommarktes: Inwiefern werden dadurch erneuerbare Energien gefördert? Energiegipfel: Neues Marktmodell für die Energiewende, Bern.             

Project Team:

Julia Baer (CEE, ZHAW)

Regina Betz (CEE, ZHAW)

Arturo Egli (Energieloft)

Reto Schleiniger (CEE, ZHAW) (contact: