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Project: Right Prices as Drivers of Efficient Energy Transformation

The goal of this project is to derive an efficient package of energy and environmental policy measures.

Project description

The package should lead to prices that correspond either to the sum of the internal and external (marginal) costs (internalization approach) or which allow the lowest possible attainment of a politically defined standard (price-standard approach). 

First, we determine the right prices in terms of efficiency, and these prices are then compared with the actual prices. Afterwards, we demonstrate measures and tools that enable the right prices to be implemented. 

The main focus of the analysis is on fuel consumption by households and fuel consumption for road and air transportation. 

At a glance

Duration: 2015-2017

Funding: ZHAW und SML


Schleiniger, R., 2016, , Implicit CO2-Prices of Fossil Fuel Use in Switzerland, Energy Policy 96, p. 411-420.


Tagung 9. März 2017, Winterthur, Energiestrategie 2050: Regulierungen als Treiber oder Hürde für die Umsetzung


Schleiniger, Reto, Implicit CO2-Prices of Fossil Fuel Use in Switzerland, presented at the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, International Conference, June 2016, Zürich, Switzerland. (PDF 548,1 KB)

Project Team:

Reto Schleiniger (CEE, ZHAW) (Contact:

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