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Future market design for renewable energy in Switzerland

Project description

The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 (ES2050) pursues a step-by-step transformation of the energy system towards a secure and cost-efficient supply of renewable energy sources. While the first set of measures is already in force, this study assesses the existing energy and climate policy from an economic perspective and discusses possibilities for further measures. Therefore, an overview of different market design stuctures that support the ES2050 is provided. In particular, the study examines the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing measures and proposed alternatives in terms of the three policy goals : expansion of renewable electricity production, security of supply and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

At a glance

Duration: Juni 2018 -

Funding: AEE Suisse Dachorganisation der Wirtschaft für erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz


Schleiniger R., und Winzer, Ch. (2018): Zukünftiges Marktdesign für erneuerbare Energien in der Schweiz. Studie im Auftrag von AEE Suisse. (PDF 7,7 MB)


Winzer, Ch.: Zukünftiges Marktdesign für erneuerbare Energien in der Schweiz, Energieforschungsgespräche Disentis, Januar 2019. (PDF 1,6 MB)

Project Team:

Reto Schleiniger (CEE, ZHAW) (Kontakt:

Christian Winzer (CEE, ZHAW) (Kontakt:

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