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Video Competition: Student Voices on Responsible Management Education

Are you a student at the SML? As a future specialist and manager, you also have a responsibility. Share your vision of education with us and win the "Student Voices on Responsible Management Education Video Award."

Create a short video (max. two minutes) in which you explain why responsible management education is important and what your university should do to educate you to be a responsible specialist and manager. (Image: MCI Management Center Innsbruck)

Especially since the global financial crisis of 2007, the demand for social and responsible entrepreneurship has received even greater public attention. Numerous other corporate violations of ethics and morals, such as the diesel scandal surrounding some car manufacturers or revelations about tax havens and mailbox companies such as Paradise Papers, illustrate the urgent need for a move towards social and responsible corporate action.

The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Rely on Sustainability

For many companies today, systematic management of sustainability issues is part of modern business management. For some, the focus is on limiting risks, and – for others – it is about the efficient use of resources. A recent study by United Nations Global Compact and Accenture - the management consultant and technology/outsourcing service provider – on the topic of "sustainable corporate management" highlights the importance of this issue for companies. From over 1,000 CEOs surveyed, 97% consider environmental issues, social issues, and responsible corporate governance to be necessary for the business future of their companies. Some companies even go a step further and base their entire business model on sustainable development issues, such as Swiss FREITAG lab. AG with fashion and accessories made from recycled raw materials. Studies also show that employees are more committed and motivated when working for companies that have a positive impact on society, which can be a major factor for companies when recruiting hard-to-find specialists. At the same time, employees who act responsibly are often an essential key to corporate success.

We Are Committed to Responsible Management Education

For a modern business school such as the ZHAW School of Management and Law, part of our students’ business management education means receiving specialist knowledge of the interrelationships of business in the sense of sustainable development and learning ways to apply this knowledge effectively in practice. We must support our students in their progress towards becoming responsible specialists and managers and make them aware of issues such as sustainability and social responsibility during their study programs. Only in this way will they be able to be successful in their later professional lives and at the same time contribute to a better world.

On 1 August 2014, the SML joined the United Nations initiative "Principles for Responsible Management Education" (PRME a.k.a. PRiME). This is a global initiative based on six principles that support academic institutions in implementing responsible management education, including teaching, research, and operations. Regarding content, the initiative focuses on concrete contributions to the implementation of SDGs (sustainable development goals). The vision of the initiative is to realize sustainable development goals through responsible management education. In the meantime, more than 700 universities from 86 different countries have joined the initiative. Members of the initiative regularly document their progress in the public domain and, in this way, create a shared learning community for universities all over the world.

Become Ambassadors for Responsible Management Education

This is where you - the students - come in. Tell us what you would like to see in responsible management education and take part in the PRME video competition: "Student Voices on Responsible Management Education." The video competition has been launched by the SML together with five other business schools to give students the chance to make their voices heard. We are particularly interested in what you think the SML should do to train you to become responsible individuals. How should we prepare you for the professional demands of our ever-changing world? What skills and abilities would you need to possess?

Simply create a short video (max. two minutes) for a chance to win a trip to the 5th PRME Research Conference in Cologne. In addition to an award ceremony, there will be fascinating presentations and discussions on this subject.

You can make a valuable contribution to the ongoing development of responsible management education at the SML and the worldwide PRME community. Your voice and your commitment will be internationally visible and shared worldwide.

The deadline for entries is 14 October 2018. If you have further questions about the competition, please contact the PRME coordinator for the SML, Marie-Christin Weber.