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E-Commerce Lab

The E-Commerce Lab is the leading competence center for digital sales in Switzerland. We conduct interdisciplinary and applied research projects and provide continued education for professionals in the area of e-commerce.

Research areas

The E-Commerce Lab conducts research according to academic standards on current topics in digital marketing and sales such as:

The E-Commerce Lab Framework

The E-Commerce Lab Framework is a descriptive model that categorizes all elements of e-commerce as either “Digital Commerce Management”, “Processes & Instruments”, or “Infrastructure & Systems”. A further differentiation is made between “Digital Marketing” and “Digital Commerce”. We apply the E-Commerce Lab Framework to the complex issues of the fast-moving world of digital commerce, and it has proven an intuitive and powerful tool for our diverse activities in education, research, and consulting.

Detailed E-Commerce Lab Framework(PDF 71,8 KB)

Poster E-Commerce Lab(PDF 63,5 KB)

Consulting and projects

The E-Commerce Lab supports you in different aspects to strengthen and expand your business:

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Recent studies

Learn more about our recent studies:

Research partners

Continued education

Learn more about our continued education programs for professionals:

Our team

Darius Zumstein holds a PhD in economics and has been a lecturer at the ZHAW Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) since October 2018. He teaches and researches digital commerce, marketing, and analytics and is Head of the E-Commerce Lab. Before joining ZHAW, Darius worked for several years at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and as a team leader and consultant in various companies.

Carmen Oswald studied general management and specialized in marketing. She has been a research associate with the IMM since 2019. In this role, she is involved in various research projects (e.g., the Online Retailer Survey) and works as a lecturer. Before joining ZHAW, Carmen worked for an agency as a junior consultant.

Fabian Oehninger studied business and economics at the University of Basel. As a research associate at the IMM, he collaborates on various studies and teaches at the BSc level. Before joining ZHAW, Fabian worked as a project manager and as a content and online shop manager in the e-commerce environment.

The E-Commerce Lab maintains a unique network throughout Switzerland with close ties to over 4,000 online shop managers.