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Reinsurance Principles and Practice (ARe 144)

In five seminar days, the ARe 144 Reinsurance Principles and Practices classes provides you with advanced Reinsurance coverage knowledge and gives you the structure to effectively understand reinsurance contracts and gain a lot of practical know how. You will increase your level of expertise in the reinsurance treaty landscape and therefore be able of an improved assessment of expiring reinsurance treaty in the renewal phase. The ARe 144 thus provides you with a toolbox for a more efficient and more customer-oriented way of working.

At a glance

Qualification : Certificate in Reinsurance Principles and Practice (ARe 144) of The Insti-tutes (USA)

Duration : 5 days over a period of 6 month until 04.2021

Costs : CHF 4'250.00

Comment on costs : 

  • CHF 3'450.00 for IIS-Members (only valid for this class 2020/2021, changes will be introduced as from 2021 onwards)
  • CHF 4'250.00 for Non-IIS - Members

Location : 

ZHAW Winterthur, or depending on Coronavirus restrictions, online (MS Teams).

Language of instruction : English
English (proficiency level)

This Training is offered at unchanged conditions as known from the IIS:

  • Textbook and course guide
  • Folder including extra exercises
  • Compulsory self-study of the respective chapters as a preparation for each seminar day
  • 5 full-day seminars
Associate in Reinsurance, ARE-Diploma
Associate in Reinsurance, ARE-Diploma

Objectives and content

Target audience

Everyone working with reinsurance contracts, Underwriters, Claims Specialists, Internal Audit and Accounting employees. Auditors of reinsurance companies, Employees of reinsurance departments within any Insurance Company and Reinsurance Brokers.


Seminar Day 1 - September 24, 2020
Introduction to Reinsurance, Types of Reinsurance and Reinsurance Program Design, The Reinsurance Placement Process, Common Reinsurance Treaty Clauses I

Seminar Day 2 - October 29, 2020
Common Reinsurance Treaty Clauses II, Quota Share Treaties, Surplus Share Treaties, Property Per Risk Excess of Loss Treaties

Seminar Day 3 - January 28, 2021
Casualty Excess of Loss Treaties, Catastrophe Reinsurance, Aggregate Excess of Loss Treaties, Reinsurance Audits, Reinsurance Regulation

Seminar Day 4 - March 4, 2021
Reinsurance Aspects of the NAIC Annual Statement, and Reserves. Repetition and preparation for your exam

Seminar Day 5 - March 11, 2021
ARe 144 in the light of European reality, Comparison of market regulation and a survey on Systems in Europe, Basic Differencies of Financial Reporting and impacts on daily tasks. Summing up on the Future of Reinsurance in terms of big data, data mining, automated underwriting and Blockchain. Closing by a critical close up to First- and Reinsurers in the view of public opinion

Exam date

Exam window as from March 12 until March 14 or April 15 until June 14, 2021, two hours, individually agreed time frame with Head of Program

Exam format

85 multiple choice questions
70% pass rate


Blended learning: preparation of the classroom training along Textbook and Course Guide

Additional Case studies along a specialized folder during the Seminars

Online Learning for your exam preparation

Option to activate additional exam preparation over a learning app (Google/Apple App-Store)


Time frame of the Seminars: 9.00-17.00h

Seminar Day 1-4: Chantal Tinguely, Senior Risk Manager Portfolio Review, Swiss Re  
Seminar Day 5: Eugen Balogh, Internationally experienced Reinsurance Expert

Strategy in learning: Blended learning Design
Strategy in learning: Blended learning Design

Enquiries and contact


Offered in cooperation with

The Institutes

The Institutes, located in the Philadelphia region, has been providing risk management and insurance education for more than 100 years. Close to 250 full-time employees work from our main campus in Malvern, PA.



It is recommendable to have some basic knowledge and experience in Primary Insurance or Reinsurance.

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