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MAS in Managed Health Care

Health care in Switzerland is undergoing a period of rapid evolution. Constantly increasing costs are forcing service providers, finance providers, insurers, politicians, as well as society to find new ways of dealing with these changes.

This is placing greater demands on health care specialists and executives. Their daily professional lives require reliable assessment capabilities in operational and commercial matters as well as good communication and management skills. In addition, they also need knowledge of structural and socio-political data and processes. A crucial aspect is the ability to comprehend new subjects areas quickly and transfer them to their own sphere of activity. Graduates of the MAS in Managed Health Care significantly improve their chances of success in a wide range of managerial positions within the health care system.

Further Continuing Education of the Winterthur Institute of Health Economics


At a glance


Master of Advanced Studies in Managed Health Care UAS Zurich (60 ECTS)





CHF 31'200.00

Language of instruction:

German, English

Objectives and content

Target audience

Our students are health professionals: Head physicians, GPs, pharmacists, line manager nurses, executive professionals in insurance and pharmaceutical or med-technical companies, representatives of governmental institutions or executives in home care organizations.

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The study program will prepare you for current and future challenges in health care and in your chosen career path. As a graduate, you will be in the position to evaluate health care measures and make sound decisions based on their effectiveness, efficacy, and efficiency.

You will be able to argue convincingly and initiate and implement change processes successfully. By engaging in interdisciplinary thinking and by acquiring competencies across different professional groups and institutions, you will be able to give a new impulse to your professional development.


The MAS MHC has a modular structure. Depending on your experience and professional background, you set your own priorities, choosing CAS courses and integration modules that are either systemic-social or organizational and business administration focused in nature (total volume: 48 ECTS credits).

Depending on individual arrangements, the program takes from 2-5 years to complete.

The following modules are available (in German):

Students admitted on merit are required to complete the academic writing course on designing and conducting academic research offered by ZHAW.


Self-study, classroom instruction (including, among others, lectures, case studies, individual and group work, presentations, and class discussion), and e-learning platform.

More details about the implementation

Part-time and modular; individually tailored to meet individual needs in terms of scheduling and content.

Total workload: 1800 hours.

The MAS program concludes with a Master’s thesis.

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Admission requirements

University or college of professional education and training („höhere Fachschule“) with diploma („höhere Berufsprüfung“) and work experience.

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Admission to the MAS study program is subject to a personal interview in Winterthur before commencement of the first CAS program. A final decision regarding admission is made by the Head of Program - MAS in Managed Health Care.

Information for applicants

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