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Fundraising Bootcamp: Great Fundraising

The latest insights from professional practice as well as academic research: the Fundraising Bootcamp Great Fundraising blends the science and practice of philanthropy to equip fundraising professionals for success in a modern 21st century nonprofit organization.

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WBK Fundraising Bootcamp: Great Fundraising


on request



CHF 1'200.00

Comment on costs: 

  • Participants who complete the CAS Fundraising Leadership (incl. academic performance records) in the following year are entitled to a CHF 500.- credit of the Fundraising Bootcamp course costs.
  • The course costs will be invoiced 30 days before the start of the course and must be paid within these 30 days.



Language of instruction:

  • English
  • Most of the lessons are in English. However, information about the course and communication with the participants is in German.

Course dates:: 

06.10.2023 and 07.10.2023

“The Fundraising Bootcamp Great Fundraising is one of the best training courses I have attended in the past few years. I received many valuable impulses for my fundraising activities from Prof. Adrian Sargeant and can recommend this bootcamp to all experi-enced fundraisers who are open to new ideas.”

Dr. Marc-André Pradervand, Fundraising Bootcamp Great Fundraising participant and Fundraiser BR (translated from the German original)

Objectives and content

Target audience

The two-day course offers the latest insights from professional practice as well as academic research helping fundraisers stay up to date and become more reflected professionals.

This training course is designed for people with intermediate to expert fundraising knowledge. More specifically, it caters to:

  • Professionals in nonprofit organizations, public institutions, and corporate foundations with extensive fundraising experience who want to further professionalize their fundraising activities;
  • Persons who have completed comprehensive fundraising training, have been working in the field for some time, and would like to acquire an integrated philanthropy approach;
  • Individuals who wish to take on management responsibilities in larger fundraising organizations and/or expand their fundraising skills in the philanthropic field.


By the end of the two days you will:

  • leave ready to apply the latest thinking and science to massively growing income for your organization;
  • understand how great fundraising leaders prepare their organizations for that level of ambitious growth;
  • understand how great fundraising leaders lay the groundwork necessary to make them “fundraisable”.


How To Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Fundraising Income

In his own words, course instructor Professor Adrian Sargeant (formerly the first Hartsook Chair in Fundraising at Indiana University and currently the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy) provides insight into what awaits fundraisers:

“Welcome to the science of great fundraising. This two-day class looks at the results of ten years of research into the distinctive characteristics of organizations that have excelled in fundraising; doubling or in some cases tripling their fundraising income.

Firstly, the course examines how these organizations manage interactions with their supporters and use the latest science of identity, wellbeing, and love, to build more supportive and communal relationships. Afterwards, the course explores in detail what it means to be donor centric and move beyond current perspectives to discover what this might mean through the lens of Philanthropic Psychology.

Finally, the latest research on fundraising leadership is introduced. What is it about the leaders at the helm of this exceptional fundraising and what they choose to focus their attention on, that drives their success? The focus herein lies on teams, philanthropic culture and the systems that are established to make organizations “fundraisable”. Furthermore, the thought-process behind solving fundraising problems and the power of similar mindsets within a team rounds the course off.

More concretely, the two-day course explores:

  • The science of donor retention and loyalty
  • Relationship fundraising and where the sector is now
  • ‘Relationship Fundraising 3.0’
  • Lessons from research about successful bequest fundraising
  • Communications design and lift questions and the integration of the emerging science of philanthropic psychology
  • ‘Great fundraising’
  • The role of nonprofit branding, why nonprofits brand, how brand influences performance and how to leverage the brand to boost fundraising success
  • Building a philanthropic culture/orientation and the difference this can make to fundraising performance”

The Fundraising Bootcamp Great Fundraising is part of the CAS in Fundraising Leadership program but can be booked as a separate two-day course. Experienced fundraisers may also be interested in the Fundraising Bootcamp Behavioral Economics and in the Fundraising Bootcamp Strategy Mapping.


An important part of this Fundraising Bootcamp consists of the exchange between the participants themselves, but also with the lecturer. Furthermore, this Fundraising Bootcamp is characterized by many practical inputs and insights from the latest research.

More details about the implementation

The next implementation is planned for 2025.

Lessons are held online on Friday and Saturday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Enquiries and contact


Center for Arts Management


The course is lectured by Professor Adrian Sargeant, formerly the first Hartsook Chair in Fundraising at Indiana University and currently the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.


Admission requirements

Admission to the certificate course requires intermediate to expert fundraising knowledge. The Head of Program decides on admission.

Information for applicants

Registrations are accepted on an ongoing basis and are considered in the order in which they are received. The number of participants is limited

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