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CAS Customer Experience Management

Customer experiences are the new beacons of modern competition. With evidence-based customer experience management, we can create and use them in a purposeful way. Based on current business cases from various industries, you will learn how to collect, design, and improve the customer experience of your customers in a meaningful manner.

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Certificate of Advanced Studies in Customer Experience Management (12 ECTS)




120 Lectures


CHF 8'200.00

Comment on costs: 

The price includes the course materials, the prescribed literature and the examination fees (excl. post-examination costs).

The total course fees will be invoiced approx. 30 days before the start of the course.


  • ZHAW School of Management and Law / Campus St.-Georgen-Platz, St.-Georgen-Platz 2, Winterthur
  • Digital

Language of instruction:

  • German, English
  • Some lessons will be held in English.

Lessons under Covid-19:: 

Now that the Federal Council has lifted all measures relating to the pandemic, the further education programs can be held entirely without restrictions. The digital knowledge transfer remains an integral part of the teaching and our courses will continue to be held in a combination of face-to-face and online.

Our top priority is the health of all lecturers and participants. We ask everyone to behave responsibly in the case of illness.

Objectives and content

Target audience

The CAS is aimed at:

  • Those managers and experts in customer experience management, marketing or customer relationship management who would like to learn about and implement use cases for their companies.
  • Employees who aspire to a career as a specialist and/or manager.
  • People who have an interface function and would like to deepen their knowledge in relation to current developments in the field of customer experience and are looking for an exchange of experience


The CAS Customer Experience Management introduces the evidence-based management of customer experiences. After successful completion of the course

  • you will know how to systematically collect, design and continuously improve the customer experience of your customers.
  • you will be able to successfully apply selected methods for the design of customer journeys        
  • you know what requirements successful customer experience management places on your company and how you can meet these requirements      
  • you understand how you can use new technological means (e.g. virtual reality or artificial intelligence) to design the customer experiences of tomorrow


The CAS consists of two modules, Strategic and Operational Customer Experience Management, which holistically accompany the process of designing and implementing a Customer Experience Management (CEM). This CEM can be oriented to your own company, so that there is an operational benefit from participating in this CAS.

Module 1

Strategic Customer Experience Management

  • Introduction to evidence-based CX management
    • Understanding and assessing CX maturity Designing digital customer experiences "From Big to Good Data": Using the right data to create evidence-based experiences
  • Customer Experience Culture; Governance
    • Values and norms for a successful CX corporate culture Corporate culture and agility: Aligning companies around customer experiences
  • Customer experience strategy
    • Developing a sustainable CX strategy in the age of the experience economy Overcoming formal boundaries and restrictions
  • A glance at the business practice: case studies of successful CX management

Module 2

Operational Customer Experience Management

  • Customer Experience Insights
    • Understanding and capturing the customer's lifeworld
    • Quantitative and qualitative customer research: making experiences measurable and understandable
  • Customer Experience Behavior
    • Emotionalizing experiences
    • Using experiments in CX management Customer behavior at individual touchpoints
  • Customer experience design
    • Customer journey design: designing holistic experiences Collaboration
    • co-creation: generating value through network effects and co-creation
    • Customer context design (store, locations)
  • Innovation workshop: shaping the future of CX with artificial intelligence, bots, automation and augmented reality

Would you like to learn more about the concept, the structure and the lecturers of the CAS? Or would you like individual advice? We are happy to be of service to you.

The CAS can be completed individually or as part of this MAS:


Great importance is attached to the practical teaching of the contents and to the intensive exchange between lecturers and students. Our continuing education courses have always been characterized by their proximity to the participants. The positive experiences with digital knowledge transfer from past courses are directly incorporated into the planning of future courses.

Regardless of the teaching format, we ensure a close supervisory relationship, individual support and sufficient space for exchange and interaction.

  • We take advantage of the advances in digitalization and use virtual tools for lesson design, which enriches the lessons and your personal digital skillset at the same time.              
  • We rely on a balanced mix of asynchronous and synchronous teaching.
  • Interactive elements take place as usual, whether in the traditional classroom format or in the virtual classroom.             
  • Workshops, intensive seminars, field trips and other special events in analog format complement the classic offline or online teaching events.
  • The events are combined to create a varied learning experience as a whole.
  • We offer digital added value and individual support via additional materials and services.
  • You benefit from close and personal support throughout the learning process.
  • Digital teaching days reduce travel time for all participants. You have more time for other things and can follow the lessons regardless of location. Win-win for you and the environment.

Classes: Lectures / face-to-face classes are held on Thursdays from 08:15 - 12:30 and on Fridays from 08:15 - 17:45 (exceptions possible).

Enquiries and contact


Institute of Marketing Management


Admission requirements

  • Admitted are graduates of universities of applied sciences or universities with at least three years of professional experience in marketing or related fields.
  • Professionals without a university degree can be admitted provided they have at least six years of the above-mentioned professional experience and corresponding further education certificates (higher technical college or higher technical examination with federal certificate/diploma).
  • The final admission decision is made by the study management after an admission interview.

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01.09.2022 04.08.2022 Application

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