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Associate in Risk Management (TM) ARM

Do you want to know how opportunities and risks affect the course of your business? Do you want to understand why certain business activities are a complete success and others do not meet expectations, or even fail?
It is essentially about control confidence of the company's decisions.

It is about making good decisions on the basis of valid information or taking accompanying measures to support or protect the company’s objectives.

Like natural persons (i.e. individuals), legal persons (i.e. companies) have a “personality,” an “appearance,” a “capacity” and much more. The knowledge of how a legal personality works is gathered and assessed in the “enterprise risk management process,” as it is called. The more professionally this collection is managed, the more stringently it can be made fit for the development of the objectives.

After completing the certificate, you will be able to better prioritize and communicate advantages of the planning or critical points of the current situation. In addition, you will be able to present proposals for optimizing opportunities and extrapolating risks, and to advise on the subject matter. You will be able to hold your own as a broadly informed promoter of sustainable corporate development.


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Associate in Risk Management™ from The Institutes, with or without certificate of participation from ZHAW, School of Management and Law, depending on choice of program.




Approximately one year, with considerable flexibility in terms of how the course is structured

Comment on costs: 

Depending on the course structure, costs are between CHF 2,190 (online self-study only) and CHF 9,690 (online and practical ZHAW seminars); please use the student advisory service to structure your course.


Online für Selbststudium; Hybrid (Präsenz und/oder Online) für Anwendungsseminare, (Campus ZHAW, School of Management and Law, in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Hauptbahnhof Winterthur)

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Enquiries and contact

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    Program Director and Academic Advisor

    Ursula Freuler
    +41 58 934 77 98



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