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Long COVID: a (preliminary) interdisciplinary assessment of the current situation

In the latest edition of the Schweizerischen Zeitschrift für Sozialversicherung und berufliche Vorsorge (SZS), a Swiss journal that addresses issues in the fields of social insurance and occupational pension plans, Philipp Egli (lawyer and head of the Centre for Social Law at the ZHAW), Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger (lawyer and assistant professor at the University of Zurich) and Matthias Kradolfer (lawyer, high court judge and deputy Federal Supreme Court judge) analyse the consequences of long COVID from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

The article, which is based on published medical studies on the phenomenon of long COVID, attempts to provide an initial assessment of the long-term consequences of falling ill with COVID-19 from both a medical and legal standpoint. In addition to addressing fundamental legal and medical questions, the article also assesses the situation as regards social security law. 

The article (available via open access) can be found here (in German).