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We are firmly committed to promoting interaction between businesses and higher education institutions. COMPETENCE has been set up, among other things, to enable the public to take part in this dialogue. Each issue acts as a platform for the sharing of ideas between business and the School of Management and Law on a given topic. Companies and institutions with links to the private sector can thus introduce their views to higher education institutions and make them aware of important trends. Higher education institutions, in turn, can take up these suggestions, integrate them into their curriculum, their research, or even their strategic objectives. At the same time, interested members of the public can gain insight into how business schools and companies cooperate.


We deliberately invite contributions from a diverse range of authors, including company and association representatives, university members, and freelance journalists. This reflects the wide scope of views that COMPETENCE aims to offer to its readership, while creating added value by their diversity.

Newest edition 2021: «Werte: Wie sie unser Leben, unseren Führungsstil und alle Interaktionen beeinflussen»