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Governance of Metropolitan Areas – Learning from Europe and the US

23 October 2018

The event brings together a panel of experts who will exchange ideas on the challenges that are facing our metropolitan areas.

This half-day workshop and panel discussion will focus on the strategic management and governance of large metropolitan areas, including the economic, environmental, social and demographic challenges they face. The role of local government in responding to these challenges and promoting and leading the economic and community development within their ‘administrative area’ will be a central theme of the discussion. With panel experts from Switzerland and the United States – academics from urban planning,
management, non-profit urban planning organizations, and a regional planning agency – the discussion will allow a comparison to be made between the approaches taken towards metropolitan governance from a North American and a European perspective, with a focus on the San Francisco and Zürich regional

High profile speakers for the event include:

  • Carmen Walker Späh, Government Councillor, Head of Department for Economic Affairs Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Dr. Karen Chapple, Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Dr. Reto Steiner, Professor and Dean, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Switzerland
  • Michael Künzle, Mayor of Winterthur, Switzerland
  • Steve Heminger, Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission San Francisco, USA
  • Egon Terplan, Regional Planning Director, SPUR, USA
  • Guglielmo Brentel, President of Zurich Tourism, Switzerland

Zürich meets San Francisco – A Festival of Two Cities
An initiative of the City of Zurich, the Canton of Zurich and Zurich Tourism to foster and celebrate the exchange between two of the most inspirational cities in the world. The week-long festival will take place from 20 – 26 October 2018 in different venues across San Francisco.

Please register online till Friday, October 19th.




Start date: 23 October 2018, 2.15 pm
End date: 23 October 2018, 5.00 pm


University of California, Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies Library, 109 Moses Hall Berkeley, CA 94720-2370