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Reinventing Prosperity in Europe

27 November 2017

Public Debate with Graeme Maxton (Club of Rome), H.E. Etsuro Honda (Ambassador of Japan to Switzerland), and Dr. Patrik Schellenbauer (Avenir Suisse)

Almost 10 years after the outbreak of the financial crisis, economic growth in Europe is still on shaky ground. Persistently high unemployment and growing income inequality are drivers of political instability. In addition, climate change also poses major problems for society.

How can these challenges be overcome? Are a move away from free trade and towards population control the way forward? Can economic growth reduce inequality - and if so, how should such growth look like?

We are very pleased to invite you to hear a panel of renowned participants talk about these issues.


/ Graeme Maxton,
Author of the best-selling book "Reinventing Prosperity" and Secretary General of the Winterthur-based think-tank "Club of Rome"

/ His Excellency Etsuro Honda,
Japanese Ambassador in Switzerland, economic adviser to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and pioneer of Abenomics

/ Dr. Patrik Schellenbauer,
Chief Economist and Deputy Director of Avenir Suisse


We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting panel discussion.


Start date: 27 November 2017, 6.30 pm
End date: 27 November 2017, 8.00 pm


ZHAW, Building SW, Volkartgebäude, Aula, Winterthur
Sankt-Georgen-Platz 2
8400 Winterthur

ZHAW, Building SW, Volkartgebäude, Aula, Winterthur


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