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Diversity and Gender

The Diversity/Gender Officer at the ZHAW School of Management and Law (SML) answers questions on diversity/gender issues (such as equal opportunities or discrimination) and establishes contacts with the relevant internal and external counselling services. The Diversity/Gender Officer is affiliated with the General Secretariat of the SML: He or she is a member of the ZHAW Diversity Commission, but also represents the SML at various awareness-raising events on the subject of diversity/gender. On the annual national Future Day (parents bring their children to the workplace on this day), the Diversity/Gender Officer organizes workshops at the SML in order to familiarize the children of employees with various fields of activity in the university environment.

Diversity – What Do We Mean by That?

We should not work and study side by side, in isolation, but together, in harmony. This requires the participation and the recognition of all students and employees, irrespective of their age, origin, gender identity, ideology, social status, physical/mental ability, or health. We all contribute to the diversity of our university with our individual characters, backgrounds, skills, and needs.

Variety and diversity serve to increase the attractiveness of a university. Regardless of whether or not it pays off, diversity primarily means working to ensure that individuality is not only respected but also lived. This presupposes that the different lifestyles and biographies of all students and employees are respected. Most importantly, it is necessary for all of us to deal with our own prejudices. Secondly, our structures need to be adapted continuously. (We need, among other things, accessible buildings, a curriculum that also imparts gender knowledge and diversity skills, and employees from diverse backgrounds).

Legal Diversity Framework

Here you will find all the documents needed in the context of diversity/gender activities at the SML.