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Mixed Reality Lab

The Mixed Reality Lab of the ZHAW School of Management and Law brings virtual worlds to life.

This innovation underpins the SML's role as leader in the application of emerging technologies in teaching and research alike.

Students get the opportunity to apply and experience these emerging technologies of practical relevance hands-on.

Dr. Roger Seiler

"SML students are enthusiastic about SML's innovative and practical offer, which motivates them highly."


"After the initial hype, mixed reality has become a real added value driver in numerous industries." 

Dr. Roger Seiler, Head of MR-LAB ZHAW SML, Deputy Head of the Business Informatics Program and Lecturer

Michelle Wehrli

"Mixed reality is one of the technologies we will use in many aspects of our lives."


"It's exciting to work in this environment and contribute to research in the field."

Michelle Wehrli, Research Assistant in the MR-LAB at the ZHAW SML

David Mayer

“What was initially seen as little more than a fad has now become forward-looking technology.”


“In our Mixed-Reality Lab, students can gain hands-on experience which will help them enter a rapidly growing industry.”

David Mayer, MR-LAB staff member, ZHAW SML


Would you like to experience emerging technologies in the MR-LAB? We would be pleased to offer you demonstrations of the possibilities of Mixed Reality or welcome you for a team event. Please feel free to ask us via