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Unleashing active and micro-mobility’s full potentials to reduce energy consumption by substituting car trips

At a glance


ActivateAll aims at assessing and understanding the car substitution potentials of active and micro-mobility (AMM), both, as single vehicles andenablers of intermodal mobility, and identify the constraints to harvestthese. It will do so identifying current obstacles to AMM on the user andmobility providers’ side, assessing future technological, economic andpolicy trends fostering AMM, quantifying car use and corresponding CO2reduction potentials of AMM and AMM enabled intermodality, and identifying and prioritising a list of high-impact use cases and how to shapethese for high user acceptance.

The project will deliver specific information on, for example, user preferences, business models, mobility situations with high CO2 reduction potentials and policy measures whichwill support policy makers and AMM providers in implementing effectiveand user-tailored AMM projects and services that can enable the rapidtransitions towards low-carbon and community-friendly mobility.