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The aim of this project is to develop and to further refine concepts for a novel oral health device that will enable release of selected liquid substances embedded in a PDMS polymer matrix. The basis for the system is the ZHAW technology that allows introduction (embedding) of liquid droplets in a solid polymeric matrix. The polymeric matrix with embedded liquid droplets will in a later step be inserted and held in an oral implement (oral device with a handle) that also contains a special ratchet hand-driven mechanism used to control the liquid delivery. The target device is a disposable oral implement device that can be used over several days, whereby the user can trigger liquid delivery during each use by manually advancing the ratchet mechanism step-by-step. The envisaged technology and end-product will allow the storage and release of various substances (various mixed recipes possible). Current candidates for the substances of interest are typical substances used in the oral / dental health such as: Listerine, Chlorhexidine solutions, solutions containing herbal extracts such as Salvia / Chamomilla / Echinacea , as well as solutions that can contain nutritional supplements such as Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Zn, etc. Pediatric and adult use are both envisaged (and both markets targeted).