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Baden Energy Hero

At a glance

  • Project leader : Mirjam West, Onur Yildirim
  • Project team : Manuel Loth, Nicolas Loth, Marcus Petschel, Mario Ravasio
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Third party (Regionalwerke AG Baden), Public sector (excl. federal government) (Stadt Baden)
  • Project partner : Cymmersion GmbH
  • Contact person : Mirjam West


The ZHAW Institute of Sustainable Development created the Virtual Reality (VR) game "Virtual Energy Hero" in 2018. This is successfully used to give both young and old a new perspective on complex topics such as energy efficiency and renewable energies at public events. The aim of this project is to develop the "Virtual Energy Hero" into the "Virtual Energy Hero - Baden Edition". This VR game is intended to take up the concrete, current and future energy topics of the Regionalwerke AG Baden even more strongly, make them tangible and achieve a sustainable learning effect for the players. Like its predecessor, the game is designed for a high-end VR system. In addition, the user-centred design is to be given greater emphasis during development.