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Standard Modules for FM Contracts

At a glance


Many building owners today outsource real estate management services to property managers and building operations services to facility service providers. The cooperation between client and operator is regulated in “FM contracts". In these, energy efficiency is often not a requirement. This may be one of the reasons for the performance gap in larger buildings.
The Standard Modules for FM Contracts project aims to make energy efficiency an elementary and measurable component of FM contracts. In order to create added value for customers, further sustainability aspects such as comfort, health and safety at work are to be taken into account.
For this purpose, generic standard contract modules will be developed in the project. The contents are elaborated in workshops, refined with the help of literature and standards and, after formulation, given for broad consultation.
The resulting contract modules are made available to the FM industry and are intended to focus on energy efficiency and the sustainability aspects involved. They should set the right requirements and incentives to reduce the performance gap in building operations.