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Smart City potential analysis in Meilen ZH

At a glance


Energie und Wasser Meilen AG (EWM AG) supplies the municipality of Meilen ZH with electrical energy and drinking water. With a publicly accessible "Open Access" fiber-optic network, it ensures a high-quality telecom supply in the community of Meilen ZH. In cooperation with the ZHAW Institute for Sustainable Development (INE), EWM AG wants to analyse potential topics and projects in the Smart City area as part of a potential analysis and identify starting points for further development and implementation. In the process, defined search fields, such as the application of IoT in urban areas, are to be analysed in more detail. Furthermore, possible project partners are to be identified and possible solution developments are to be proposed. The findings from this project should support EWM AG and the municipality of Meilen ZH in future strategic decisions in the Smart City context.