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Garden room

Conceptual and scientific supervision of the re-design of outdoor spaces belonging to the housing cooperative Eigengrund

At a glance

  • Project leader : Petra Hodgson
  • Project team : Céline Derman-Baumgartner, Hansjörg Gadient
  • Project budget : CHF 15'000
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Third party
  • Project partner : Hansjörg Gadient, Landschaftsarchitekt
  • Contact person : Petra Hodgson


The Project "garden room" is a practical, yet theoretically based solution to activate and enhance the sociao-spatial and ecological potential of urban green spaces in housing developments and to find solutions to a densification of urban green spaces.

Qualitative interviews with inhabitants as well as other stakeholders were conducted to find out their needs, wishes and preferences. The scientific findings served as basis to generate a set of design modules and a concept to re-design the outdoor spaces for housing developments belonging to the housing cooperative Eigengrund. In a further step green spaces of the housing estate Glanzenberg I and Glancenberg II in Dietikon were re-designed and implemented according to the scientific findings - including ecological and econonical aspects. The project was realised together with the landscape architect Hansjörg Gadient.