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Research activities School of Social Work

The latest publications and projects from the School of Social Work.



  • Predictive chance modelling: Exploration of a new approach to professional decision-making in child protection

  • Zurich Adoption Study

  • Family resources in crisis?

    While some parents and children coped well during the pandemic-induced shutdown in spring 2020, other families saw their already precarious circumstances worsen. For child and youth care workers, this presented a difficult situa-tion. But what do families receiving services in child and youth care report about how ...

  • Verletzlichkeit und Wohlbefinden von Kindern

    ›Childhood Vulnerability and Children's Understandings of Well-being‹ is a research project that involves a qualitative investigation into how children conceptualise and experience well-being and vulnerability. The study aims to interrogate from children's perspectives the meanings of well-being and examines how ...

  • Crisis Management of the Covid 19 Epidemic in coercive contexts

    The Covic19 pandemic is currently being handled by prevention measures, which are primarily characterised by contact arrangements in public spaces and exit restrictions. The question arises how prevention measures are organised in coercive contexts, namely the judicial system.   In order to investigate this ...