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Research activities School of Social Work

The latest publications and projects from the School of Social Work.



  • Adoption in forced situations

    The history of national and international adoptions in Switzerland has hardly been studied. Adoption is a drastic process for the persons concerned. The child is removed from its family of origin and finds its place anew in the adoptive family. Historically, care and coercion have often gone hand in hand in this ...

  • The situation of children with an imprisoned parent in Switzerland

    Imprisonment is a great burden not only for the offender, but also for his or her family members. Previous studies on the effects of incarceration on relatives show that relatives are sometimes exposed to considerable economic, social and emotional problems. For children in particular, the loss of a parent can have ...

  • Predictive chance modelling: Exploration of a new approach to professional decision-making in child protection

  • MEKIDA – media Use of children and adolescents and their effects

    Starting point and goal The Corona pandemic boosted digitization, but also revealed its limitations and backwardness. This was especially true of home schooling, which particularly disadvantaged those children and adolescents who were already disadvantaged. Likewise, the Corona pandemic led to an increase in the ...

  • Machine learning and algorithms in social work