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Research activities School of Engineering

The latest publications and projects from the School of Engineering.



  • Automatic Data Selection for Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection

    We develop and test a novel method for a fully unsupervised selection of appropriate training data for anomaly detection using machine learning methods.

  • Good practices for responsible development of AI-based applications in healthcare

    This project will identify proven methods, practices and standards that support responsible research and development of AI systems for health. They will be tested in use cases from medical imaging and neurotechnology, publicly released and published as a guideline of recommended best practices.  ...

  • Investigation of the Train driver productivity and job satisfaction

    The complex, internal relationship between rail schedules and staff rotation is here addressed for a complete analysis of the current performance of train drivers. The potential for performance improvement in relation to the constraints imposed by the timetable and the corresponding shift plans (e.g., use of buffer ...

  • Novel high-speed, low latency distributed data link for precision measurement systems in demanding environments

    SPECS Zurich GmbH provides measurement systems for scanning probe microscopy and quantum transport applications. During this project, a new plug&play-capable high- speed serial interface with ultra low latency and optical transmission shall be developed, such that it can be used in demanding environments such as ...

  • Powder Recycling for PBF-LB/P

    Optimization of powder preparation in 3D printing using Laser Powder Bed Fusion (PBFLB/ P)