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Research activities School of Applied Psychology

The latest publications and projects from the School of Applied Psychology.



  • Antidepressant Withdrawal in primary care patients (AWARE)

    Based on a 6-month prospective cohort study we want to examine how, and if, primary care patients manage to stopp antidepressant treatment. Our main objective is to study the occurrence of withdrawal reactions, which can develop when patients try to come off antidepressants. We willl also examine quality of life, ...

  • Needs Analysis for Intercultural Training of Higher Education Employees

    The R&D unit Language Management and Globalisation has the lead in a collaboration consortium consisting of BFH, HES-SO, SUPSI & ZHAW in the context of two ongoing Movetia projects 1. High-Impact Measures for the Comprehensive Internationalization of Curricula  (No. 2019-1-CH01-OF-0017) aimed at inter-university ...

  • Sensor-based accident research and prevention: Exploring legal and technological opportunities

    The data recorded by an increasing number of sensors installed in cars, e-bikes, mobile phones etc. has the potential to revolutionize the field of accident research and prevention. The opportunities are limitless. But so are the challenges: Accident researchers and prevention specialists often do not have access ...

  • Safety-relevant competences and aptitude for driving (partially) automated vehicles

    Developments in automated driving have the potential to fundamentally change road traffic and can reduce the risk of accidents. It can be assumed that in the future, traffic will become increasingly complex, traffic space will become denser, vehicle control will become more automated and the ...

  • Sleep Coach

    Quality of sleep has an impact on mental and physical health and thus on general well-being. several factors that influence sleep quality exert their effect in the hours before falling asleep. Activities that promote or hinder sleep quality during this time are commonly subsumed under the term "sleep hygiene". ...