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Research activities School of Applied Linguistics

The latest publications and projects from the School of Applied Linguistics.



  • Machine translation for academic texts

  • Narrative research as an artistic intervention in the context of local politics and public authorities

    The company is subject to change processes. And with it organizations, institutions and companies. The way we think, act and communicate is changing. How do we respond to these changes? How do we shape change? With which images, with which stories do we tell about ourselves? How do we give our social, our ...

  • Linguistic and occupational therapy support for augmentative and alternative communication in young adults

    Persons who are using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) often do not receive new communication devices after compulsory schooling, and they do not receive further speech therapy support. As young adults, they are at a threshold into an important stage of their life, and into vocational education or ...

  • Machine translation literacy for academics

    Objectives This project investigates the potential of neural machine translation (NMT) for academic texts (abstracts, papers...) for publication purposes. Initial situation and hypothesis Well-known issues with neural machine translation are text cohesion, (terminology) and "hedging" (hedge terms). This could, ...

  • Establishing the Cantonal Clean Energy INDEX Switzerland (CEIS) as standard instrument for policy makers